Steamery Lint Brush - Black

Steamery Lint Brush - Black
Kategorier: Varumärke, Arket
Brand: Arket
Color: Black
150 SEK
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This minimalist clothing brush from Steamery is a more sustainable alternative to tape rollers. Thanks to its smart construction, it removes lint, dust, hair, fur, fuzz and more from your garments and home textiles, giving them a fresher look in seconds. The soft woven bristles lift and catch the lint as you brush the surface in one direction. The brush can then be cleaned by twisting the handle 2-3 times, and the container emptied through the lid on top. Great for homes with petsLeaves no tracesGentle and efficient on all fabricsCompact and lightweight - ideal for travellingDimensions 18.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm